The results look natural. No one needs to know - you’ll still look like you!

At SKYN for MEN our Medical Aesthetic Treatments will NOT make you look like you’ve had work done.

Our treatments are non-surgical without the use of any incisions or sedation. We have a wide range non-invasive Medical Facial Treatments tailored just for you to achieve the results you want.


The results look natural. No one needs to know- you’ll still look like you, just less tired and more energetic.


Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is a 30-minute non-surgical face-lift treatment without the use of any incisions or sedation. Anchoring sutures are inserted under the skin using a fine needle to elevate the sagging tissue and lift problem areas.

Silhouette Soft Threads are considered to be a discreet approach to achieving a fresher, younger-looking appearance, probably used by many Hollywood stars who deny having surgery but look to have defied age and remain still naturally good looking without a “done” plastic appearance.

Silhouette Soft is a tailor-made treatment, so it will be adapted to your needs and preferences and can be complemented with other aesthetic treatments. You will be able to get back to your full social life with minimal recovery time.

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift starts from $2,500 

PRP Lift Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Lift Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) draws on your own blood, using it to generate thicker, smoother and more supple skin in areas such as the face, neck and hands, resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles.

During the procedure, blood is taken, then spun in a centrifuge to extract the platelets, before being reinjected into the treatment area. There, the activated platelets release growth factors, which facilitate cell growth, the formation of blood capillaries and, most importantly, the building of new collagen.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be used on the face, neck, hands and all over the body with excellent results: skin is re-plumped and rejuvenated; fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin contours are redefined to create a youthful, radiant bloom. The Angel PRP system treats:

  • crinkling skin around the eyes
  • crow’s feet
  • facial collagen
  • lip lines
  • dull complexion
  • neck wrinkles
  • chest
  • hands and arms

Regardless of what area of the face or body the Angel PRP system can be applied.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) start from $990 full face