Men’s go-to treatments

With aesthetic clinics reporting an increase in male customers, more and more are tailoring their offerings to suit the emerging male grooming market. While more Australian men are headed to the clinic, a pattern is emerging when it comes to the treatments they favour.

Laser or IPL hair removal

New-age hair removal treatments like laser and IPL eradicate hair from chosen areas of the face and body. These treatments not only save time but also keep skin smoother with a minimum of six to 12 treatments recommended.

Regardless of the treatment area, Australian Skin Clinics’ National Training Manager, Darlene O’Gara  says laser and IPL are an effective, affordable and popular solution Australian men are turning to for permanent hair reduction.

“Men who are after a more permanent solution to removing unwanted chest hair, minimising their morning routines or defining and sharpening their beards are increasingly turning to laser and IPL hair removal,” says Darlene.


Besides facial hair, there are structural differences between male and female skin composition. Factors like testosterone stimulation cause an increase in male skin thickness by about 25 per cent, meaning relying on an over the counter exfoliant product just won’t cut it.

Darlene says men are seeking out treatments like microdermabrasion to help unclog their pores and congestion to reduce the appearance of acne, blackheads and hyperpigmentation (just to name a few). By removing built-up dirt and debris with more intensive exfoliation treatments, men are achieving cleaner, brighter and smoother complexions – which can lead to more confidence in their work and personal interactions.

“In general, men have larger pores and produce more sebum than women, making them more prone to breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads,” says Darlene. “While these issues are par for the course of having thicker skin, exfoliating treatments are an excellent option for those men suffering with congestion.”

Cosmetic injectables

While many men are starting to test the injectable waters, deciding to take the plunge for the first time can be a daunting task. But as skin ages, volume in the face dramatically decreases, while lines and wrinkles form and deepen.

Darlene says that most men who visit Australian Skin Clinics aren’t after complete makeovers, rather subtle tweaks that won’t completely erase their age. “The most treated areas for men include the frown lines between the eyes, forehead and crow’s feet,” she says. “Just like women, most men simply want to look like the best possible versions of themselves. Typically, that includes a little anti-wrinkle remedy, hydrating injectables such as HydraFiller to help them maintain their natural look with subtle enhancements.”

Laser treatments for pigmentation or redness

Whether it’s pesky discolouration, the appearance of freckles or skin redness, pigmentation can make many men look older than they are; but don’t fret, medical-grade treatments like laser skin rejuvenation can safely reduce its appearance. “We see a number of men who work out in the sun daily and wonder why their skin is becoming flushed or pigmented,” says Darlene.

“While we always encourage using sunscreen, laser can treat conditions like these by targeting and fragmenting the selected imperfection without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissue.”

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