How to eliminate your double chin without surgery

Reclaim masculinity.

A strong bone structure and chiselled jawline has long been associated as one of the main defining characteristics of a masculine face. A strong face can make the ladies swoon and intimidate other men.

Not everyone, however, was blessed with the jawline of a Greek god. Some of us have the dreaded double chin or no chin definition at all.  A bloated face or ‘no neck’, can hide your masculine features. This isn’t something you need to live with. Men can now achieve perfectly defined jawlines with CHIN UP™ double chin reduction without having to go under the knife.

The Facts

Firstly, what causes a double chin? A double chin refers to submental fat, which is the excess fat located under the chin. This can be caused by weight gain, ageing or can simply boil down to genetics.

How does CHIN UP™ work?

CHIN UP™ Works by injecting the area with deoxycholicolic acid (found naturally in the body) to destroy submental fat. Once the fat cells have been destroyed they cannot store fat again – so once you have achieved the look that you want, it is unlikely that you will need more treatment.

Why get CHIN UP™?

Why would you want to remove this naturally occurring feature? Men seek to remove this area of fat for a number of reasons that go beyond the cosmetic benefits. The masculine jawline is often associated with success, so men in competitive industries can feel like they have more of an edge when they look the part, feeling much more confidence. Some men have also reported the discomfort they have with the extra fat, having to tuck the skin that lies between the collar and the chin or feeling choked by their ties.  


The benefits of CHIN UP™ are that clients don’t have to go under the knife for the same results, which can be more than intimidating. This treatment also has less downtime, swelling and bruising in comparison to liposuction. Clients can expect swelling for a few days however, it shouldn’t interrupt normal activity. Men that have undergone this treatment have reported that people have noticed, although simply assumed they lost weight and have complimented their new appearance.

Ready to get started?

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