The Ex-NFL player that isn’t afraid of cosmetic procedures

The pro athlete tackling ageing head-on.

Ex-NFL Star, Deion Sanders has opened up about using wrinkle relaxers to tackle ageing. In an attempt to de-stigmatise the use of cosmetic procedures, Sanders has become a spokesperson for ‘bro-tox’.


Hitting the milestone age of 50, Sanders wasn’t shy to embark on an anti-ageing journey and vocalise it. “I am open about everything. I don’t do things in the dark… That is how I live.” he shared with Entertainment Tonight. The pro-athlete hopes to open up the discussion and let men know cosmetic procedures aren’t just for women.


After undergoing the procedure, he has extensively reported that he has a new lease on life. Unafraid to bend gender barriers, Sanders has used the procedure to erase frown lines and crow’s feet. He has chosen to be an advocate for male cosmetic procedures to help others to unapologetically take charge of their appearance.


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