Studies Reveal How Modern Men are Tackling Ageing

Long days at work, wild nights at the pub and weekends watching the footy – it’s no wonder you can’t find the time to fit an anti-ageing routine into your schedule.

With an ever increasing pressure to keep on top of your appearance and the lifestyle constraint barriers of busy men, how is the modern man maintaining a youthful edge?

According to data from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in the past 20 years there’s been an increase in men investing in cosmetic solutions. The gender stigma that surrounds looking your best has evidently disappeared and with an increase in the options and advancements of non surgical cosmetic solutions, it’s clear to see why these numbers have risen.

Young man in suit in car

 It makes sense that non-surgical aesthetic treatments are the perfect fit for men who want a subtle refresh and don’t have time to mess about.

The research shows ‘Bro-tox’ or wrinkle relaxers has continued in popularity, keeping a firm position as the number one most popular procedure for men since 1999. Other injectables are also popular with dermal fillers second and collagen stimulation third.

IPL, Laser and chemical peels are popular Facial Rejuvenation treatments and fat reduction is another popular nonsurgical procedure for men.

With advancements in cosmetic techniques, more men are choosing these solutions to tackle ageing. Reasons range from a self confidence booster, enhancing relationships or keeping a competitive edge in the workforce.

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