How to Fix Dark Under Eye Circles


  • The areas around your eyes reveal your age and sleep habits (not to mention hangover level).
  • Fortunately, we’ve got a solution for the bags and dark circles under your eyes, wrinkles, and puffy spots.
  • If you drink, smoke, stay out late, or spend too much time staring at a screen, you’re going to have skin problems.
  • Even if you don’t – the years will show anyway.
  • Hide ‘misuse and abuse’ on your skin with cutting edge medical treatments that work.
  • No one needs to know, you’ll simply look less tired and more energetic.


Hollows under the eyes

  • Hollows under the eyes can be improved by injecting Dermal Fillers.
  • Results will be evident within 1 – 5 days.

Dark circles under the eyes

  • While it’s not possible to remove 100% of dark circles – we can minimise their appearance.
  • To obtain these results we may use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and skin products which reduce puffiness and swelling.
  • PRP stimulates the production of collagen and improves the look of your skin under your eyes.

Texture or scarring on your face

  • We use INFINI which is a combination of high-intensity Radio Frequency & micro needling.
  • INFINI is for skin tightening and also acne scarring correction. It targets ageing, sagging skin with fine wrinkles.

Crows Feet & Wrinkles 

  • Anti-wrinkle injections smooth your skin and reduce crows feet and wrinkles.
  • Wrinkle Relaxers or Anti-wrinkle injections are a non-invasive treatment that can be administered in your lunch break.
  • Wrinkle relaxers start from just $150 for one area (e.g crows feet).


Our Treatments are non-invasive and have little to no downtime, and are carried out by Skilled and Experienced Doctors.
Our focus is on natural masculine looking results – you will still look like you, just better.

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